CROSSFIT Competition and spin-a-thon


Tygerberg High School played host to the Clash in the North Crossfit competition over the weekend. It was a weekend filled with immense preparation, hard work, heaps of emotion, buckets of sweat, as well as focus and concentration. To understand what the competitors felt as they were participating in the events, you would’ve had to be part of the competition.

We are very proud of our Tygerberg teams that took part in this very tough competition. Our teens did extremely well and you could see that the hard work they had put in throughout the year was paying off.

Congratulations to our teachers and their respective partners who took part in the Male-Male-Female Scaled/Intermediate category and placed second and third respectively.

We also had the Spin-A-Thon initiative in collaboration with the crossfit event on Saturday. This event was hosted to help raise funds for our rugby and netball players taking part in an international invitational schools tournament in Dubai at the end of November. The 2Feet4TB team took on the challenge to spin for 8 hours. In the extreme heat we have had over the weekend this turned out to be a massive challenge, but they conquered it and we wish to express our gratitude to Neal Stacey and Lee-Ann Freeland Hughes for all they did. Also, a very special thanks to Anthony Van Rhyn from ElliptiGO SA who was there to support the team the whole day. We are truly blessed to have all these outside supporters helping to make a difference.