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Tygerberg High School


Tygerberg High School

For the past 70 years, Tygerberg High School has mastered the challenges of the teaching profession to the level where the school can proudly take its place among the top three schools in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, the top 15 schools in the Western Cape and the top 100 schools in South Africa.

The school's excellence in the fields of Academics, Culture and Sport, as well as the contributions of our alumni to the economy and society, has resulted in Tygerberg High School being named one of Alan Gray Orbis Foundation's “Schools of Excellence” – truly a great honour for all Tigers.

We strive to equip learners with the necessary physical, mental, emotional and intellectual skills to be able to take their place in society as fully-fledged, mature and responsible citizens.



It’s a big challenge to make something that already works well even better!


What makes Tygerberg unique is that we tackle the usual tasks in an extraordinary way.


At Tygerberg, we proudly present a variety of cultural activities.